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CBT Publications was established in the year 2000 with the purpose of writing and publishing spiritual insights that were discovered through revelation. 

The material is available to provide the opportunity to read about and meditate on developing the divine character and consequently fulfilling the promise that is intended.

Readers are encouraged to direct their mind and energy in finding and understanding the hidden truth.  In doing so, they can begin to identify the true eternal nature of their own being.

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The Road Home Is a Long Journey was written to help believers understand the purpose of their own spiritual journey, from beginning to end. It is this understanding that eliminates the former trial-and-error behavioral changes that we’ve learned through the years.

This pilgrimage is defined by events that contain the necessary conditions to transform the life of every believer. Anyone who desires personal change can enter into, pass through and emerge from these events that are created with trials, tests, and lessons taught and lived through the life of Jesus.

An honest endeavor to complete the venture will conclude as the believer becomes a pure harmonious being, in partnership with God, and living and effecting life on earth.

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The Road Home Is A Long Journey

The Road Home Is A Long Journey

CBT Publications has offered free printable monthly calendars since 2000. Our user-friendly website has beautiful color photographs with eloquent poems of spriritual wisdom. Calendars are perfect for home or office and are also available in Spanish. www.calendarsbytat.com.


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Words are spirit and defer to the spiritual meaning and purpose. View the dictionary here.




Since 2000, CBT Publications has been publishing writings that help individuals find spiritual truth, wisdom and understanding on their walk with God.
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